Post racing blues: some goals to remember

During the last month I realized how fun it was to take on 3 weekends of racing in a row.  Starting with XTERRA Real in Granite Bay, CA.  Then another local Half Marathon with the Rock ‘n’ Roll Series in San Francisco.  Finally finishing up the 3rd weekend with XTERRA West Championship in Las Vegas.  In between, I was at work and training.  As I was in my final weekend at Las Vegas I realized how cool it was to race so often in one month.  It was also a tough balance keeping on top of recovery and sleep.  Last week was a week of rest (and work).  I found my mood changed and I was struggling to recover.   I managed to get our for a recovery ride with no other focus than to enjoy time on the mountain bike, outside, and take some photos.

I knew I had a day off on Easter and was looking forward to Sunday just to rest.  Between work, unpacking, and hanging out with some of my best friends who were in town and had some time, I ran myself pretty thin.  Coffee intake increased during the workday which led to more difficulty winding down and sleeping at night.  I actually made the switch from espresso and cappuccinos to Mighty Leaf Green Tea last Friday to back off the caffeine bombs.  Ok, I was only having 2 espresso drinks a day at my worst (normally I limit to one cappuccino), but I find this is enough to interfere with my sleep.

Katie Morse reminded me in her post on Sleep Tips that melatonin can help on nights that sleep is difficult.  So I dropped the caffeine intake for a couple days and took a small dose of melatonin for a couple nights in a row.  Finally, sleep was achieved.  On Easter Sunday I slept and relaxed for most of the day.  It was nice to be home with our dog Bella catching up on TV with Nicole.

This week I’ll work slowly back into a routine and focus on more rest.  I ended my day today with a visit to Sports Plus Bay Area in Pleasanton, CA.  My favorite chiropractor, Dr. Rich Asturias, made some adjustments and helped me through some lower back pains I started experiencing this morning.  They’re moving into a new location with full service therapy and sports testing options!  I can’t wait!

Recovery rides usually include a chance to take some photos and enjoy the surroundings.

Recovery rides usually include a chance to take some photos and enjoy the surroundings.

If I tackle 3 consecutive weekends of racing again I would focus on the following:

  • Set a goal for consistent bed-time.  For me, 10pm.
  • Focus on healthier food intake every day with more vegetables and high quality proteins.
  • Track food intake to ensure I’m maintaining my energy needs.
  • Use a foam roller a few times a week and get a professional massage once a week.
  • Hydration, Hydration, Hydration.

Hey, these are great focuses for anybody at any time of the year!

How do you deal with post-race blues?